Faith Communities 

A small group Christian fellowship with informal Bible study, with groups/tables available on different days of week and times and locations. is for women. Call or just show up. Caring communities in Frederick, Damascus, Westminster, Baltimore City, Columbia, Ellicott City, Germantown, Easton, Jefferson, Hagerstown, Brunswick, Mt. Airy, New Market, and New Oxford, PA.

1313 Butterfly Lane

Frederick, MD 21703


Allen Chapel AME- Missing Link Ministry

Rev. Dr. Yvonne M. Cooper

MLM meets @ 7pm every 3rd Thursday of each month.

2498 Alabama Ave SE Washington, DC 20020

Hope Christian Church*  (Rays of Hope)

6251 Ammendale Road

Beltsville, MD 20705 


Hope Christian Church offers a supportive faith-based community, mentoring/discipleship for men and women, food pantry, employment networking and job training referrals.